Get Traveling Rings
for your community

Traveling rings provide invigorating whole body exercise that continually encourages users to test and try new skills. In a public setting such as a park or beach, they draw people to them to watch and swing and to meet and make new friends.

If you'd like traveling rings in your community, we can work with you to determine whom to contact, help you craft a proposal, and provide the plans. We'll even donate to your project once it's approved.

Adult traveling rings require a space measuring approximately 25' wide' by 15' high by 80' long, about the length of a tennis court. The cost for the galvanized steel 4-bay structure, which suspends 10 rings on swivel chains, is $10,000-$12,000. The additional costs of shipping, taxes (if applicable), assembly, installation, and concrete footings bring the total to the $20,000-$30,000 range. Junior rings consist of eight rings on a 3-bay structure. The cost is about 20% less.

To inquire about traveling rings in your community e-mail